About JR Justesen

Physiotherapist and President of Vibes Fitness

Physiotherapy has been a wonderful and exciting career that has taken me to a number of countries and provided the opportunity to make many new friends in my mission to improve people’s lives.

I’ve recently purchased Vibes Fitness because I believe in the ability of this technology to provide a platform for people to work hard to safely gain strength, flexibility, balance and mobility, no matter their age. My vision for this company is to bring clinical science to the field and to nurture, train and support the franchise owners and trainers of the Vibes family. These people are my focus now and, the work that they take into the world is the work that is transforming lives for the better each and every day.

I invite you to any of our locations for a one week free trial and an opportunity to experience the efficiency and benefits of vibration exercise for yourself.



Corporate Values

Accomplishment: Each person has the ability to adapt to physical exercise and to improve his or her functional capacity and quality of life

Attentiveness: Each Vibes client will receive enough one to one care and attention to ensure they have an enjoyable experience, exercise with correct form and progress their workouts in a safe manner

Capable: Each Vibes trainer has a level of training that allows them to assist clients to reach their specific goals

Cleanliness: Each Vibes studio is clean and elegantly appointed. Each studio provides a spa like atmosphere

Client Centred: The client is the centre of each Vibes studio

Effective: Vibration exercise has the science to back up its effectiveness. This technology can help clients to improve their strength, power, flexibility, balance, circulation, bone health, cardiovascular health and insulin sensitivity

Efficient: Vibration exercise can provide a whole body workout in as little as 15 minutes. Vibration exercise stimulates stretch reflexes which engage increased muscle recruitment in less time

Empowering: Many Vibes clients have injuries or health issues that are preventing them from reaching their fitness goals. Vibes Fitness provides individual exercise programs that can help clients safely achieve their goals

Fitness: Use it or lose it is an old and true adage. Vibes Fitness has the trainers and the programs to keep clients accountable, interested and engaged to maintain a fitness lifestyle

Innovation: Vibration exercise technology began 40 years ago and is now being increasingly used by hospitals, doctors and clinicians and has stood up to the tests of science. Our Vibes Fitness machines utilize exclusive technology that softens the initial impact to the body thus improving the safety of exercise for a greater number of people. The large platforms allow for a variety of exercises and creativity in designing routines

Knowledge: The foundation of trainer capability is knowledge. A Vibes trainer must have a basic level of exercise science certification and then undergoes additional training specific to vibration exercise prescription

Relationships: A Vibes studio will thrive with under 150 members. We value relationships as a key to our company culture and to the client experience

Safety: The Vibes Fitness model is one of a hybrid between a gym and clinic. The underlaying mantra of a health professional is to first do no harm

Standardized: The 80/20 philosophy in our model provides for a level of consistency in business systems, training and studio set up. We also want each franchise owner to bring their own personality and creativity to their studio

Support: My career as a physiotherapist has been to serve the patient. My focus as the president of Vibes Fitness is to bring this medical background to our franchisees and trainers so that they can bring the most effective training programs to our clients