“As a long time fitness enthusiast I can highly recommend Vibes as a great way to increase your overall fitness level, build strength and recover from injury. My back health has never been better. It’s time and money well spent.”- Catherine


“As a Naturopathic Doctor I am always looking for new ways to help my patients improve their overall health. Vibes offers a low impact workout that has proven to increase bone density and lean muscle mass. I can confidently refer my patients to Vibes knowing that they will receive the fitness solution that is best suited for their needs.” – Dr. Katie Branter, ND


“Rarely in life do things that sound too good to be true turn out to deliver! I have experienced excellent results in muscle tone, strength, and overall fitness with my 15 minute workouts at Vibes.” – Daniela


“I initially joined Vibes to get a great workout in a short time frame. My strength and flexibility has increased, my belly has trimmed, and my energy level has risen.” – Paul

Weight Loss

“After about 4-6 weeks at Vibes I had noticeable definition in my shoulders and arms and had lost inches on my stomach, bum, hips and thighs. Now, after 2 years I have lost 20% body fat.” – Meghan


“I recently bought a new pair of jeans in the smallest size I have ever worn!”- Angela


“The Idea that a 20 minute workout could change your body truly amazed me. After 8 months of training at Vibes I have an improved body image, which has given me a new confidence! The trainers have supported and inspired me to reach my fitness goals. This is what your mid-fifties should feel like!” – Cyndie


Pain Reduction

“I have witnessed several positive functional improvements in the individuals utilizing Vibration plate exercises that Vibes incorporates into their 15 minute workouts. After a month of weekly exercise sessions their overall trunk stability and core engagement was improved and more importantly they had less pain.” – Dr. Deane Studer, Doctor of Chiropractic, Yoga Instructor


“I had previously hurt my shoulder and the training at Vibes was ideal for me as I worked towards building back my strength. I felt the vibrations working more muscles than I knew I had all at once. My strength came back faster than I expected and I did not experience the typical after workout pain and stiffness. Dawn and Meghan at the Sidney location are exceptional motivators and personal trainers. I still can’t believe how inexpensive Vibes is for the constant ongoing personal training that I have received.” – Ross


“At 89 years old I am always interested in ways to keep healthy. I joined Vibes Sidney shortly after they opened and within as little as 3 months Vibes’ helped me to lose weight, tone and strengthen my upper body which has allowed me to discontinue the use of Tylenol for pain during the night.” – Stuart Arnold


“No one can see my disabilities, but I live in constant pain. Vibes provides me with not only an opportunity to get physically stronger, but also the opportunity to meet new friends. The friendships I have developed in Dawn, Meghan and others that I have met at Vibes has provided me with mental well being and that is the greatest gift of all! Joining Vibes is the best thing that I have done, it has given me back part of my life that I have missed since been diagnosed.”- Laurel


“Vibes fitness is a great tool for individuals who are recuperating from an injury, post-surgical rehabilitation or helping to improve blood flow to damaged joints. I highly recommend Vibes to all of my patients who require rehabilitative care.” – Dr. Karyn Lumsden, BSc, DC


“Vibes is an excellent resource for any patient who’s pre-existing conditions don’t allow for strenuous exercise or for those who’s conditions benefit from increases in local and systemic circulation, such as those with osteo or rheumatoid arthritis. At Vibes, all workouts are supervised by trained professionals to ensure that each exercise is performed correctly and safely, allowing me to feel completely at ease referring my clients to their facility.” – Tiffany Walker, RMT



“I went from skeptic to devotee in 15 minutes while vibrating the whole time! The supervised, and flexible 15 minute sessions are ideal for a busy schedule and makes the walk up the hill on Number 6 much easier. If only I could figure out where I hit the damn ball!” – Michael


“After a life threatening illness, I never thought I could get my strength back. Thanks to Vibes, I am back to golfing and power walking at age 79! The trainers are always with you and every- one at Vibes is so friendly!” – Sally


“Since joining Vibes, my overall physical condition has improved greatly and my golf game has never been better! Thanks to the quality, knowledge and interest taken by the trainers.” – Roger


“Having exercised with Vibes for the better part of a year, I have seen a vast improvement in my core strength and flexibility, which has manifested itself into increased distance off the tee. I attribute the reduction of my handicap and my renewed enjoyment to the golf game directly to Vibes.” – Rick


“Six months ago I was hurting, locked up in the legs and hips and a getting worse with a 15 handicap. Now, thanks to Vibes, I am pain free and discovering a new flexibility. My handicap has dropped to an 8, and I have shot my age over 7 times this summer! Life is fun again and Vibes works for me!” – Chuck


“I am a golfer, and since joining Vibes in March 2013, the distance with my driver and irons has increased. The trainers developed a golf specific workout that really works for me!” – Susan



“For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I look forward to working out!” – Kristina


“The workouts are quick but very effective. My hurdle of wasting time has been conquered!” – Kim


“I returned to a fitness program after a 10 year absence and the trainers at Vibes made me feel as if I could it all!” – Sue


“I would highly recommend Vibes to any individual looking for a fitness routine that will fit into their tight schedule, but still deliver amazing results. Vibes fitness can put the fun and excitement back into your workout!” – Amy


“I have been a member of Vibes for over 2 years now. I absolutely love that the workouts are short, challenging and constantly changing. Even though I am slightly limited with a shoulder issue, the trainers come up with excellent programs that work for me.” – Denise