About Vibes

JR Justesen

president vibes fitness
& Physiotherapist

Our Vibes clients have become a part of our community for many different reasons. From general fitness to weight loss and toning, improving mobility and balance and even strengthening specific areas, the thing that connects us are the Vibes trainers.

The trainers at Vibes are constantly creating new programs, making changes according to the needs of each Vibes client, and ensuring that each member progresses in a safe and effective manner.

I became a part of Vibes because I believe in empowering people to live better by improving their physical well being. No matter your fitness level, we will be able to meet you where you are and provide a safe and non-judgemental environment for you to exercise and progress.”

We also use one of the Vibes machines at Parkway Physiotherapy + Performance Centre to help our clients there to improve their rehabilitation and to speed their return to sport and life.