Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect?

Vibration exercise will help you to improve strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and circulation.

Please also see our research page for article reviews on the science of vibration exercise and conditions that we can help.

How does the technology work?

In science speak, vibration exercise stimulates muscle spindles and activates alpha motor neurons, a phenomenon known as the tonic vibration reflex. Muscle contractions are additionally stimulated via stretch reflexes and through the exercises you perform while on the machine.

Another way to look at vibration exercise is that it creates many tiny muscle contraction and relaxation periods depending on how fast the platform is vibrating. Overall there is increased muscle recruitment and a shorter time to stimulate muscles to adapt to exercise.

The vibrations your body absorbs during our workouts also increase the force of gravity acting on the body which also improves muscle recruitment. More muscle recruitment means more efficient exercise time.

During vibration exercise the body reacts to its interaction with the platform. The amount of this interaction is determined by a number of factors:

1. Vibration direction: Vibes machines use vertical vibrations

2. Vibration amplitude: Vibes machines use 2 mm or 4 mm of displacement (low intensity or high intensity)

3. Vibration frequency: Vibes machines can vary the vibration rates from 20 times per second to 50 times per second

4. Body position on the machine. This is where having a trainer always present really pays off. Small changes in body position can help you to focus the vibrations into a muscle group or stretch and can also load or unload body regions during exercise.

Can Vibes help me lose weight?

There are a number of sensational claims out there regarding vibration exercise and weight loss. Here are the facts as far as we know them:

1. Vibration exercise alone should not be considered the path to weight loss if that your primary goal

2. We also need to consider diet (it is beyond our scope to attempt to comment on the type of diet that is most beneficial for weight loss only that diet is an important part of a weight loss regime)

3. Comparing the same exercises on a vibration platform vs the floor, researchers found a metabolic demand of 10.2 mL/kg/min vs no vibration at 4.8 mL/kg/min. Thus we see an increased metabolic demand with vibration exercises compared to the same ones done on the floor. In short we burn more calories when exercising on a vibration platform

4. However, if we look at exercise to exhaustion on a vibration platform vs exercise to exhaustion on a cycle then we see 23 mL/kg/min vs 44mL/kg/min. This is why cardiovascular exercise should be a part of a weight loss regime. During our high intensity workouts your heart rate can get quite high but will not be maintained over 30 minutes or more as with other types of cardio programs.

   The bottom line is that we should be almost certainly be adding cardiovascular or endurance type of exercise into a weight loss program

6. Many studies have shown that vibration exercise improves strength. Strength training helps you to lose weight by retaining muscle during calorie restrictions through diet and strength training also increases post-excise oxygen consumption. Metabolism can be boosted for 24 to 38 hours after a workout. Strength training should also be a part of a weight loss regime. Muscles burn more calories than fat, even at rest so a strength regime such as what we offer at Vibes is a perfect compliment to your weight loss goals.

I have physical limitations that inhibit me from exercising. Is Vibes for me?

Vibes technology is low impact and research has shown many benefits even in frail or elderly populations. We can let the machine increase muscle contractions from positions that are safe and pain free for YOU. As you strengthen around this position you will usually be able to do more and more. We can also develop programs that avoid stressing certain areas for example by exercising above or below an injured joint or by exercising the opposite side of the body

I have arthritis and working out is uncomfortable for me. Would Vibes be a good solution?

Yes, Vibes can be an excellent solution for you. A study of knee arthritis found that quad exercise plus vibration was better than quad exercises alone for pain and mobility

Another study from the British Medical Journal showed that patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis who did 3 months of vibration exercise, twice per week for 15 minutes had improvements in fatigue, function and bone mineral density and maintained these gains for another 3 months beyond the study period.

Please see our research section under arthritis for more details on this interesting study.
View our research here.

I have fibromyalgia and exercise often makes me feel worse. Would Vibes be a good solution?

Vibes exercise is delivering promising results for clients with fibromyalgia.

A study from the Indiana University showed that 6 weeks of vibration exercise safely improved pain and fatigue levels in people with fibromyalgia whereas exercise alone did not. This study also noted a 0% dropout rate and 92-93% adherence to the program, highly unusual for a study of this sort.

I am recovering from knee surgery and would like to start a regular fitness program. Is Vibes for me?

Yes, providing your surgeon has okayed you for exercise, we can design a program for you based on your specific needs and recommendations. We can also work with your physiotherapist, chiropractor, athletic therapist, or trainer to modify or provide specific movement patterns to maximize your recovery.

A German study looked at patients following ACL reconstruction surgery. The group began vibration exercise at 3 weeks post-op and continued with regular physiotherapy as well. This group was compared to the patients who did regular exercise and physiotherapy alone and the vibration training group showed improved pain at rest, during sitting and walking downstairs, and also maintained the thigh muscle girth whereas the control group experienced atrophy that we commonly see following ACL surgery.

Another study looked at healthy individuals but the interesting thing about this study was that they found improved stabilization time and quad recruitment immediately after a bout of vibration exercise, suggesting that it might become an excellent rehabilitation tool.

Another 2016 study found quadriceps muscle improvements after a single bout of vibration exercise. These patients also had ACL reconstruction, showing again that the modality of vibration is useful in rehabilitation as well.

Can I workout at Vibes while I'm pregnant?

There are no studies on the safety of Vibes training during pregnancy. Therefore, with an abundance of caution you should not use vibration exercise during pregnancy. We do however have a post-natal program that you will love.

Can I workout at Vibes right after having a baby?

Yes! Vibes is fantastic for improving muscle tone and increasing strength after childbirth. Vibration exercise is exercise however so if your doctor does not want you to workout for a period then the same goes with Vibes during that time frame.

Do I need to bring a change of clothes?

We do provide a private change room but a change of clothes is not necessary. Please do bring athletic footwear

Can Vibes improve my golf game?

Many of our members also play golf and they state that their game has improved and that they feel better after a round than they did before Vibes training.

There is not a ton of research out there to back this up however there was a study done at the A.T. Still University in Arizona where they put golfers thorough a series of swings and then a series of stretches on the vibration platform (30 seconds each, 50 Hz with a 2mm displacement – the low intensity setting on our Vibes machines).

The younger golfers (under 45 years) improved their sit and reach scores (i.e. better hamstring and spinal flexibility) as well as ball speed, carry distance and total distance. The golfers over 45 did not reach significant improvements in ball distance but did improve their sit and reach scores.