Gravity Resistance Training (GRT)

Gravity Resistance Training is an exercise approach developed in Germany in the mid-1990’s that uses Whole Body Vibration to increase the force of gravity on the body, which increases muscle recruitment.

What is Gravity Resistance Training?

GRT is the use of Whole Body Vibration platforms to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of exercise.

In science speak, vibration training engages muscle spindles and activates alpha motor neurons, a phenomenon known as the tonic vibration reflex. Muscle contractions are further stimulated via stretch reflexes and through the exercises you perform while on the machine.

Another way to look at vibration exercise is that it creates many rapid, tiny muscle contraction and relaxation periods depending on how fast the platform is vibrating. Overall there is increased muscle recruitment and a shorter time to stimulate muscles to adapt to exercise.

At Vibes Fitness, 15-minutes of Whole Body Vibration exercise equates to 50-minutes of regular exercise.

The benefits of Whole Body Vibration include:



  • Increased strength

  • Better balance

  • Greater mobility

  • Improved bone density

  • Improve circulation

And more…

At Vibes Fitness, our vibration platforms can be customized to influence how your body interacts with the machine. There are 4 main factors that influence this:

  1. Vibration direction: Vibes machines use vertical vibrations

  2. Vibration amplitude: Vibes machines use 2 mm or 4 mm of displacement

  3. Vibration frequency: Vibes machines can vary the vibration rates from 20 times per second to 50 times per second

  4. Body position on the machine. This is where having a trainer always present really pays off. Small changes in body position can help you to focus the vibrations into a muscle group or stretch and can also load or unload body regions during exercise.