1.1 Effect of Whole-Body-Vibration Training on Trunk-Muscle Strength and Physical Performance in Healthy Adults: Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal: Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, 2016, 25: 357-363

Study Context: The purpose of this randomized cross-over study was to investigate the effects of a 4-min long, 2-mm vertically-vibrating vibration-exercise on muscle performance and body balance in healthy subjects. Sixteen volunteers (eight men and women aged 18-35 years) underwent both the 4-min vibration- and sham-interventions in a randomized order on different days. Performance- and balance-tests (stability platform, grip strength, extension strength of lower extremities, tandem-walk, vertical jump and shuttle-run) were done 10 minutes before (baseline) and 2 and 60 minutes after the intervention.

Results: Both groups improved their trunk muscle strength and balance scores but the group that combined exercise with vibration more effectively improved than the group who exercised without vibration. Vertical jump was not improved during this study

Comments: This study used 6 exercises (side plank left and right, plank, sit up, sit up plus twist left and right – each position was held for 30 seconds with a 30 second rest interval. Thus there was only 3 minutes of exercise performed in each session and the authors noted that the lack of positive outcome in vertical jump could well have to do with the very low intensity of this exercise protocol. . The intensity of the vibration platform was set to 30Hz with 1.6 g force (4 mm peak). In the Vibes Fitness studios this is a low intensity setting